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Progressive insurance prices may be higher or lower when purchased directly from the company compared to
buying from a dedicated independent insurance agent. Each policy is different. A good evaluation will include
the costs and benefits of each method.

Progressive Car Insurance Quotes Are Highly Fine Tuned
Progressive is an industry leader when it comes to fine tuning car insurance quotes to offer  the most
competitive rate. Other companies routinely follow Progressive’s lead in order to stay competitive with low rates
of their own. Past Progressive employees are highly sought after by other car insurance companies.
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Progressive Car Insurance Quotes - Same Name Different Rates
Progressive insurance prices may be higher or lower when purchased directly from the company compared to
buying from a dedicated independent insurance agent. Each policy is different. A good evaluation will include
the costs and benefits of each method.

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Auto Insurance for less - Progressive Direct or Progressive Independent Agent
Why pay more from the same company for an auto insurance policy. Make a well informed choice when
considering Progressive as your auto insurance company.

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How Local Independent Insurance Agents Provide Unique Customer Service
An independent insurance agent's success depends on exceeding their customers' expectations. Whether it's
filing a claim, reviewing coverage, or searching for a lower cost alternative the independent agent is in a unique
position to provide exemplary service.

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Cheap Car Insurance - Pros and Cons of Different Provider Types
When shopping for the cheapest rate, consider all the established ways auto insurance is provided. Prices for
insurance vary dramatically from different companies and for different options.

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Progressive Car Insurance Company Quotes Include Rate Comparison
Comparing rates is a key element for the consumer when deciding which company to buy car insurance from.
Progressive has developed computer software that enables them to present accurate quotes from competitors
to their prospects. Smart consumers who want to save money know to compare rates. Progressive makes it

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Progressive insurance began operations way back in 1937 providing vehicle owners with security and protection
ever since.  Progressive is best known for innovation in the automobile insurance industry.  Progressive’s latest
industry first is known as their concierge level of claims service.  This innovative service takes care of the claims
process from “A to Z” with no hassles.  Simply report your claim anytime of the day or night on line or on the
phone and schedule an appointment at one of their conveniently located Service Centers.   From writing
estimates to arranging repairs at one of their network facilities it’s all done for you right at the Service Center.  If
you need to rent a car they have them available on site.  
The whole process takes only about 15 minutes
and you’ll be on the way!

No one wants to get in to a car accident but if you do and Progressive is your company the experience will
exceed your expectations!  Another recent industry first is the introduction of MyRate.  The MyRate is a device
that collects and transmits driving data from a Progressive insured vehicle to the company.  It collects
information about how, and how much and when the customer drives. It does not include a GPS tracking
system, so it doesn't track or transmit where the car is traveling.  Progressive will consider the driving
information when developing the renewal rate.

Progressive is the largest writer of personal auto insurance through independent agents.  Florida Auto Plus
Insurance began writing insurance through Progressive in 1997.  The company consistently provides a
competitive rate to broad range of risks.  It does not matter if you are a high risk driver with numerous violations
and accidents or a low risk driver Progressive has a competitive rate for you.

New from Progressive car insurance company:

Progressive continues to be a great American car insurance company. Their latest incentive for customers has
nothing to do with a discount or a savings of any kind to them. It’s about being environmentally responsible and
providing customers an opportunity to participate.

This past Earth Day Progressive began a new campaign which plants a tree every time a customer enrolls in
their Paperless and e-signature options. (Fla,. La,. And Penn.). The only action necessary for customers to
have a tree planted on their behalf is to enroll and enjoy the already existing 5% discount. This is a fantastic
way of offering an incentive to encourage customers to go paperless.

No doubt the competition will follow this type of innovation, as they always do when Progressive comes up with a
great new idea. Keeping up with this great American car insurance company has always been a challenge for
the competition. Shopping for a car insurance quote and comparing rates with different companies to see how
they stack up to Progressive has always been a good idea.

New customers love the convenience and ease of use with the Paperless and e-Signature options. Receiving
and Signing documents electronically along with electronic funds transfer payment method completely eliminate
the use of paper. Now that a tree will be planted for customers who utilize this option there will be a net gain
helping to reduce their carbon imprint. Now that’s Progressive!

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Question of the day:
Why should I purchase more than the state minimum requirements of Personal Injury Protection and
Property Damage Liability?
If you are involved in an accident and it is your fault, only Bodily Injury Liability coverage (not included in the
state minimum requirements) will pay for the other parties injuries. If you are involved in an at fault accident and
injure someone without having this coverage, you assume full responsibility for their damages. Also, drivers who
have been in an at fault accident causing injuries and did not have Bodily Injury Liability or ability to provide
compensation may be required by the Bureau of Financial Responsibility to obtain an
SR-22 filing, which comes
along with a $15.00 filing fee. Once mandated by the Bureau of Financial Responsibility to
file an SR-22, failure
to do so may result in your driver’s license and or vehicle license plate being suspended for up to 3 years. To
avoid being held completely accountable for someone's injuries if in an accident and all the hassle associated
with the Bureau of Financial Responsibility, purchase Bodily Injury Liability on
your quote and be confident that
you are protected.
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